Entertainment safely

For Andrikakis Fireworks, the phrase “entertainment in total safety” is the cornerstone of its philosophy, a prerequisite for the smooth running of the company and the guiding force behind all of its professional activities, from its rigorous selection of equipment to the specialized training of its employees.

The company’s staff is well aware that “playing with fire” can entail serious hazards if those involved are inexperienced amateurs who are either insufficiently trained or not trained at all. Unfortunate incidents occurring at fireworks shows have created reticence on the part of many people, who are concerned about potential dangers and as to whether such events can be carried out safely and without incident.

Three basic standard

At Andrikakis Fireworks, absolute safety at any fireworks event we undertake is centered around three basic tenets:

 The purchase and use of top-quality, high-safety products. Our company purchases its supplies directly from internationally-recognized, award-winning fireworks production facilities famous for the effectiveness of their products, including the Spanish manufacturer Ricardo Caballer and the Italian producer La Tirrena. Moreover, the company makes wide use of “close proximity pyrotechnics” that are supplied by the sector’s top manufacturers and consequently guarantee exceptional results at events and displays where the spectators, as the name suggests, are at close proximity to the spectacle.

 The storage and transportation of the fireworks. All fireworks and equipment used for special effects are kept at the company’s storage facilities and are transported to event sites in ADR vehicles, i.e. specially-equipped vehicles used to safely transport dangerous goods.

 Our highly-trained, experienced technicians who adhere strictly to international codes and rules of safety. The company executes a series of monitoring checks and controls throughout the entire pyrotechnics show process, from the storage and transportation phase all the way through to installation and the subsequent launching of the fireworks.

Experience & Coverage

Our years of experience, use of state-of-the-art technology, flawless installations and participation in international events all guarantee a successful outcome at any event we undertake as well as ensuring the complete safety of all show participants.

Our fireworks events are insured for up to €1,500,000 in the unlikely case of an accident. Insurance contract stipulations have been drawn up following the meticulous monitoring of all phases of a sample representative fireworks display program.