1How can I be sure that the fireworks being used at an event are completely safe?

The fireworks we use are distinguished by a Ministry of Industry, Energy and Technology code number, verifying their compliance with all standards set out by both the Greek State and the European Union regarding the safety not only of participants but also of the venue where fireworks displays are taking place.

2What safety precautions should be taken when handling fireworks?

The most important thing to remember is that fireworks are subject to rigorous testing before they are given a stamp of approval for use. However, responsible use remains solely in the hands of end-users.

Fireworks should never be handled by persons under the influence of any kind of substance. Handlers must be absolutely sober when igniting fireworks.

Fireworks should be stored in closed containers and kept away from fire or other heat sources.

Instructions should be carefully followed for each kind of firework or special effect.

Fireworks, their remnants or any part left on the ground should never be approached if they have not finished their eruption cycle. When the fireworks have gone out, wait 30 minutes before collecting their remains and then return them to the supplier for destruction.

Children should never be allowed near fireworks.

Pets should never be allowed near fireworks.

3Can fireworks be set off at any time of the day or night?

In general, yes. However, you should always be respectful of neighbors regarding times of use.

4Are there any restrictions on firework use?

One main restriction is weather. Fireworks should not be set off in windy conditions (i.e. over 4 on the Beaufort scale). You should also consider the location where fireworks are to be ignited, e.g. they should not be used within 100 yards of forested areas because of fire hazard.

5Is the cost of fireworks or a fireworks display prohibitive for the average person?

At Andrikakis Fireworks we are able to design and execute fireworks events according to your budget or financial terms. In general, cost is directly related to the length of the display, the venue, as well as the kind of fireworks to be used.