A moment, a Lifetime…

Our lives are a mosaic of moments. Some more intense than others, some colored by hues more dazzling, some more subtle. There are however, two or three pieces of this multi-colored work of art that are forever rooted in our hearts, souls, memories…that dominate and define the direction the mosaic will take in the future. One such moment is our wedding day.

For some unique, for others unprecedented, marriage is a milestone in the lives of everyone who has experienced it, a moment that stands out in and of itself as much as it does as the starting point of a joint life with another person.

Trust Us

For some of us, marriage is sacred, and the moments that make up that special day on which we unite our lives with our loved one in front of others will stay with us for a lifetime.

In this intensely personal moment that is at once generously shared with friends, family and so many other people who are part of our “extended” family, the joy, exuberance, excitement, celebration and outburst of emotions of the day go hand-in-hand with a dazzling fireworks and special effects display that reflect those sentiments and lend a bit of magical, glittering light to the occasion.

Fireworks can be used to signal your entrance to the reception venue, accompany your first dance together, “applaud” while you cut the wedding cake and receive congratulations from your guests, accentuate the feelings of love you have for each other, “shout out” the joy you are feeling.