Peace, victory, celebrate, celebrate, weddings, beginnings, feast, burst of joy ...

The magical world of pyrotechnics requires continual research, on-going testing, lifelong training, persistent effort and an artistic flair. Those responsible for fireworks programs must be able to envision new, spectacular explosions of dazzling light and color in the night sky, in a wide range of styles that are in harmony with the spirit of the event they are covering. The “dance of fire”, in unison with a musical accompaniment, its intensity and release, alternating images, surprise moments and restful lulls is nowadays perfectly orchestrated and directed down to the finest detail, not leaving anything to chance, least of all the event’s moment of climax, enriched with a thrilling fireworks display. All fireworks types and models used by Andrikakis Fireworks fall under the category of Professional Fireworks, as their use requires sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, technical expertise, continual training and a high degree of professionalism.

Depending on the spirit, size and breadth of the event to be enriched through a pyrotechnics display, fireworks can be classified as follows:

Aerial fireworks

Generally used for larger events, these fireworks will satisfy even the most demanding client. The term “aerial” refers to professional fireworks shot into the air to great heights, and are exceptionally impressive. These pyrotechnics require specialized equipment and expertise for their safe and successful launching.

Ground fireworks

  • Επίγεια πυροτεχνήματα
  • Επίγεια πυροτεχνήματα

A category of ground-based fireworks, set in specialized bases on land, in the water, e.g. swimming pools, or installed around the perimeter of a dance floor, along pathways or any dedicated space of your choice.

Indoor fireworks

  • Πυροτεχνήματα εσωτερικού χώρου

When you think of fireworks, you usually think of streams of light exploding in the night sky. However, developments in the industry have made an entirely new category possible, one in which pyrotechnics are used in closed, indoor spaces, leave no residue or smoke and are completely harmless, while creating exceptionally impressive results.

Indoor fireworks are ignited electronically via remote controls hidden in specially “camouflaged” bases, usually decorated with flowers and positioned throughout the venue or even on reception tables.

Wedding fireworks

A unique category of pyrotechnics whose arrangement is planned in conjunction with the couple to be married, these fireworks form part of a personalized, individualized display, whose level of precision and detail guarantee a successful outcome.

Unforgettable joy and excitement!

Pyromusical shows

A recent upgrading in the quality and range of services offered by Andrikakis Fireworks in the pyrotechnics entertainment field granted the Greek market a brand new sector- pyrotechnics musical choreography.

Our company can implement, with expertise and safety, a choreography of colors in the sky in unison with musical accompaniment, thus creating unique images that transform the night sky into a theatrical stage set.

Daylight fireworks

If your event is day and looking for something original and happy then we have a new proposition. Daytime fireworks come for the first time in Greece to give color and glow to the blue sky promising a unique spectacle at the event being held.

Vivid colors, loud sounds and strange shapes will win the impressions at low prices. Day fireworks will be found in red, purple, yellow, blue and green colors.