Our Beginnings…

In the early part of the last century, Yiannis Andrikakis Senior, enchanted by the power of gunpowder, by its riotous outbursts of joy, by the whistling passing of fire lighting up the night sky, decides to purchase gunpowder from sellers in the neighboring village of Dimitsana in order to produce a variety of handmade fireworks that shoot through the sky like flaming arrows. Fireworks turn into a lifelong passion. At each opportunity for joyous celebration, Andrikakis Senior brings along his fireworks, inciting the amazement of friends and neighbors alike.

His knowledge and love for pyrotechnics are passed on to the next generation, who in turn initiate the next in line until the new millennium comes along and marks a transition from passion for display to an expanding passion for knowledge, training, professional expertise, safety. This gives rise to collaborations with top industry names in Europe, Asia and America, and the re-branding of a fireworks and special effects company on par with the most prestigious outfits abroad.


Andrikakis Fireworks has had its sights set firmly on the future since 2000, and while remaining a family-run business, it has burst onto the international fireworks scene, securing a number of high-profile commissions in that short amount of time. Some of the company’s most prestigious collaborations include participation in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as well as in the grand opening celebrations for the Rio- Antirrio bridge in western Greece.

These events were executed side-by- side with mega-players in the global fireworks industry, an occasion that served to honor the company’s Greek roots.