Andrikakis Fireworks’ steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of the pyrotechnics industry is highlighted by its on-going training of technicians and continual upgrading of products and services so as to be able to offer truly state-of-the-art fireworks spectacles.

Our equipment and products:

Pyrodigital Firing System

  • Εξοπλισμός Fireworks 2
  • Εξοπλισμός Fireworks
  • Εξοπλισμός Pyrodigital Firing System

Our company uses only the most reliable contemporary fireworks firing systems available on the international market. The Pyrodigital Firing System, the most advanced electronic fireworks launching system worldwide with a launch precision of 1/100 of a second is one such piece of equipment. While all firing programs are software-based, this particular system is specially designed for the creation of pyrotechnic choreography spectacles.

Its exceptional synchronization of firing and musical accompaniment, in combination with the firing system’s superior levels of safety and control over the firework display’s progression, guarantee a successful outcome every time.

Streamers - Big Shots

  • Κομφετί και Streamers σε συναυλίες
  • Streamers - Big Shots

High pressure cannons (150psi) that each shoot out 100 10-yard streamers in the colors of your choice. When fired, the streamers create a 20-25 yard “streamer wall” which then cascades down like a waterfall.

Colored powder

Made of food dyes

 High quality powder



  • Χρωματιστή Πούδρα στη Μόδα
  • Πολύχρωμη Πούδρα