Special effects – Flames

The technique of special effects

The art of fireworks and special effects is continually being upgraded, much to the delight of pyrotechnics enthusiasts, who now have an even greater variety of visual effects from which to choose. These innovations have created new market areas and offer an inimitable number of extraordinary effects for the pleasure of event attendees, all with safety, precision and quality guaranteed.

The special effects that stand out and we provide are:


  • Λευκά εφέ καπνού
  • Μπλε Εφέ καπνού
  • Εφέ καπνού

Continual smoke jets that shoot up to great heights, offering an impressive spectacle that is an ideal complement to music/dance performances, fashion shows or product promotions.

Flame Projection

  • Πίδακες φωτιάς σε συναυλία 2
  • Πίδακες φωτιάς στο stage
  • Πίδακες φωτιάς στις Cheerleaders
  • Πίδακες φωτιάς

Hearts, shapes, words, phrases, corporate logos, whose outline lights up in a blaze of glory. These “flaming logos” can be used for product launches or corporate grand openings, at birthday parties, anniversaries or wherever we want the event’s central theme to be highlighted.

Dry ice

  • Ξηρός πάγος σε γάμο
  • Ξηρός πάγος σε εκδήλωση
  • Ξηρός πάγος σε χορό

In the field of entertainment, dry ice creates a visual effect that is similar to the fog and apply to large and small liquid surfaces.

In swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fountains...

The Visual effect of fog can be created by dropping dry ice directly on heated pools or other water tanks. The visual effect created gives the impression of a moving dense fog.

In cocktails, water glasses.

Fog burst through glasses of cocktails or larger water containers.

On dance floors or other points of interest.

Dry ice using a special machine can create the Visual effect of the fog in any point desired by the client concerned, as in dance floors, the cutting point of wedding cakes, along the path that will cross the newly wedding couple, to the point of presenting a product or an event.

Special effects

  • Ειδικά εφέ σε συναυλίες
  • Ειδικά εφέ σε πολλά χρώματα

Special effects that pop out from the ground and reach a height of 4 to 8 meters in the natural color of the fire or in blue, green or red.