International celebrations, a milestone being the 2004 Athens Olympic Games; national events such as the grand opening of the Rio-Antirrio bridge in western Greece; corporate events; personal moments of joy- weddings, baptisms, anniversaries. Andrikakis Fireworks, a modern and fully-equipped company ranking top among international competitors in the industry and employing state-of-the-art technology and designs, arranges and implements fireworks programs for a wide range of celebratory events. A team with a shared passion for what they do, with unwavering enthusiasm and on-going training that ensures up-to-date expertise in the field. The Andrikakis Fireworks team has state-of-the-art technology and know-how at its side, while its gaze is set firmly on the horizon and on future accomplishments in the fireworks and special effects sector, offering shows that are imprinted on the memories of all attendees as indelible moments of exhilaration.

Color, Rhythm and Intensity

Color, Rhythm and Intensity give life to original scenarios through collaborations with globally-recognized associates in the fields of directing and the fine arts when we take on projects. A recent upgrading in the quality and range of services offered by Andrikakis Fireworks in the pyrotechnics entertainment field granted the Greek market a brand new sector- pyrotechnics musical choreography.

Our company can implement, with expertise and safety, a choreography of colors in the sky in unison with musical accompaniment, thus creating unique images that transform the night sky into a theatrical stage set.

For us at Andrikakis Fireworks, pyrotechnics is a step even closer to our dreams in the lofty heights…