The company

Andrikakis Fireworks

Peace, victory, anniversaries, grand openings, milestone celebrations, birthdays, weddings, new beginnings, festivals, outbursts of joy…

Whatever the reason for their use throughout the centuries, fireworks are inextricably linked to the affinity that we humans have for sharing the intensity of our emotions while gazing loftily at streams of lights momentarily erupting before our eyes, and then disappearing into the night sky like prehistoric stars burning themselves out. Since the time of their invention in 6 th century China, fireworks have accompanied a myriad of celebratory events with light and sound, never failing to rouse wonder and awe in their wake, proving our common human tendency to submit to marvels that pique our senses. From China to Arabia and then on to the western world, fireworks became an art form that, like all others, required steady development of skill and expertise. During the Renaissance and the era of the first guns, two schools of pyrotechnic art emerged: the Italian and the German, with the former focusing on the creation of fireworks with artistically complex display techniques, while the latter centered its attention on scientific progress in the field

The Charm of Fireworks

It is during the 19 th century that the first multi-colored fireworks light up the sky to the amazement and wonder of all those privileged enough to witness this never-before- seen spectacle. The joy, excitement and vast array of positive sentiments bottled up in our emotional psyche now take on color as fireworks displays become their bright, loud, tangible embodiment. They travel to America and conquer it as the last bastion to fall to its irresistible charm.

This appeal, in conjunction with the scientific knowledge that allows for inconceivable creations in a moment so fleeting that is nonetheless permanently etched on the memories of all, is what the people at Andrikakis Fireworks are honored to share, investing in joy with safety, excitement with expertise, for a moment that lingers in our recollections forever…

Andrikakis fireworks technology

On-going training and instruction in the correct use of pyrotechnics, constant updating on anything regarding state-of- the-art fireworks technology, continual contact with all the most prestigious international companies and regular upgrading of our fireworks and special effects machinery, have placed ANDRIKAKIS FIREWORKS at the industry forefront.

The scores of satisfied companies and individuals alike that have chosen our company to “adorn” their event with a fireworks and special effects display are the greatest testimony to our steadfast professionalism, and the most valued reward we could receive for a job we are passionate about.