Wedding fireworks

A special category of fireworks designed in collaboration with the couple. This personalized fireworks design with the technological possibilities offered by multimedia, staged in their detail to achieve the desired result. Unforgettable moments of joy and fun!


Indoor Fireworks

We think fireworks, as absolutely intertwined with the sky. However, the evolution of fireworks has led to an entirely new area, that triggered fireworks usage in enclosed interiors, leaving no residues or smoke which is completely harmless with a very impressive result. Indoor fireworks are fired electronically by remote control through special "camouflaged" bases, decorated with flowers and placed at points of space or even on reception tables.



Create your own spectacular fireworks SHOW


In such a special night, as the reception of your wedding, we design a special sight that will stay unforgettable for you and your guests

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Our customers are talking about us

  • Vasia T.
    Excellent work and most importantly professional
    Vasia T.
  • John D.
    Amazing work from amazing people
    John D.
  • John K.
    "afireworks" one more reason to look up when you hear fireworks ..!
    John K.
  • Georgia A.
    We were surrounded by the most wonderful waterfall fireworks on our wedding day. A big thank you to Ioannis Andrikakis Pyrotechnics team!
    Georgia A.